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The mission of our school is to create a dynamic learning environment that inspires each member to achieve Black Belt excellence through quality training, active goal setting, and character development.

Welcome! Thanks for taking the time to stop and check out our martial arts instruction. It is our belief that it is the responsibility of the school leadership to organize, plan, and develop performance expectations so that the students can gauge their level of success. We also believe that success is a journey, not a destination, and therefore take our commitment to traditional Taekwondo , the American Taekwondo Associate (ATA), and this school very seriously. We also believe that Taekwondo students shall conduct themselves in a manner that brings honor to themselves, their school, and their organization. You are expected to act accordingly 24 hours a day, not just while in the school. The spirit of Taekwondo is not just something we say in class; it is something we live by. The ATA sets minimum policies and guidelines that schools are required to follow. Individual schools are given the freedom to set policies for use within their schools that meet or exceed these standards. Visit the ATA on the web at www.ataonline.com for an organizational overview, tournament information, affiliated schools, and other exciting information.

                                    PROPER MARTIAL ARTS VALUES 

The Martial Arts Values that we promote include courtesy, respect, loyalty, perseverance, honor, integrity, self control, and positive attitude. We feel that these values help encourage self-improvement and aid in communications and human relation skills, more importantly, they emphasize strong moral and character development through positive reinforcement. Act like, think like, and train like a Black Belt are things that a student decides to do well in advance of achieving the rank of Black Belt. Once you set your goals to achieve a Black Belt, you should try and act like one. Once you receive your black Belt, you should be setting examples for others to follow.

                  BELT RANKS & TESTING

BLACK                                                                    RED/BLACK                                                           RED                                                                      BROWN                                                                BLUE                                                               PURPLE                                                            GREEN                                                                CAMO                                                               YELLOW                                                         ORANGE                                                                          WHITE

Testing occurs approximately every two months. In order to test a student has to regularly attend class, show the knowledge of the rank to be tested, and have a positive attitude. All testing is at the discretion of the Chief and Senior Instructors. If a student hold a rank in another martial arts style the student still begins at White Belt. Although this student may possess the skills to progress at a faster pace. This progression decision is at the discretion of the Chief and Senior Instructors.


BASIC – In this program you will be able to advance from White Belt to Yellow Belt, NOTE to advance past yellow belt, one must show the dedication and loyalty by making the choice to advance to either the Black Belt Club or Masters Club/Leadership. In the Basic Program the student will learn the basics of Taekwondo, such as hand techniques, stances, kicks, one steps, and self defense for each rank. As the student progresses door will open that will enable the student to choose the programs best suited for their desires and help them advance further.

BLACK BELT PROGRAM (BBC) – The BBC allow members to advance from White Belt through First Degree Recommended Black Belt material. The program allows members to progress in S.W.A.T. (Superior winning Attitude Team) and allows members to assist instructors in class.

MASTERS CLUB/LEADERSHIP PROGRAM (MCLP) - The MCLP allow members to advance from White Belt through Third Degree Black Belt material. Members have unlimited class attendance. This program allows members to progress faster to black Belt material in a program called “Accelerated Graduation” (with the approval of the Chief Instructor). In the MCLP the student will learn life skills that will help the student as an instructor and in everyday life.

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